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aerobic oxygenI am in no way promoting this solution… just curious what other folks consider about it. Even though hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and ozone have all been referred to as ‘stabilised’ oxygen, a single needs to question the concept of ‘stabilised.’ For example, if we take any of the earlier talked about chemical oxygen carriers and combine them with water, then perform a test for the quantity of oxygen contained, we can observe that the oxygen content of the answer has improved.

Additional Oxygen is obtained by adding Aerobic Oxygen to any cold drink and consuming it. Only ten drops of Aerobic Oxygen will enhance the oxygen content material of a 8oz glass of water by more than 440{c01552a9a33d3f0ca293271d316e2b6bac8d3ade6b6fd6a85e744fc552ad83d9}. Natural house hold cleaner – as a all-natural alernative to sturdy household chemical compounds, add 50-one hundred drops of Aerobic Oxygen to clean water resolution in a spray bottle and use on non-porous surfaces. Even so, if you have a compromised immune program, or if your physique is toxic (smoking, drugs, prescription drugs, processed foods), then 1 need to start off at a lower dosage (approx five drops 3 occasions a day), and slowly function your way up. Athletes can take up to 80-one hundred drops per day.

PHYSICAL TRAUMA: reduces circulation and subsequent oxygen provide to a fantastic a lot of cells and tissues all through the whole body. Mouthwash: add 10 drops to two oz of water and gargle for 60 seconds to kill poor breath and bacteria. Numerous other firms have attempted, even so no one particular has succeeded in duplicating the method that stabilizes the oxygen molecules in the very same manner as found in the Aerobic Oxygen. You can only share your rewards from employing the product and the rewards other people have received. Components: purified ionized water, Sodicum Chloride (17.six mcg per serving), Stabilized Oxygen molecules. Aerobic Oxygen is fully organic, pH balanced, totally non – toxic and secure to use internally and externally.

As the only fully stabilised oxygen therapy compound, Aerobic Oxygen has been found to have a wide range of well being advantages. Unlike drugs and antibiotics, it does not harm the anaerobic, or beneficial bacteria, which are crucial for excellent well being. Aerobic Oxygen Is a liquid concentrate of non – toxic, stabilized electrolytes of oxygen in molecular type.aerobic oxygen

Oxygen and Fitness Oxygen is carried via the blood stream to all components of the body constructing up and replenishing each part. Right after he heard about the benefits of AEROBIC OXYGEN”, he began taking it regularly. Bacterial contamination on vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat can be controlled using Aerobic Oxygen. A. Aerobic Oxygen is a organic solution and not a drug, for that reason, health-related claims can’t be created and it cannot be promoted as such. While powerful in the short term these methods of offering further oxygen have limitations in that patients are essential to be relatively stationary or to carry the oxygen cylinder. Toothpaste: add a handful of drops to toothbrush to support control tooth and gum decay as well as bacteria. Chlorine dioxide is a much less refined and successful item compared to the Aerobic Oxygen.