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aerobic oxygenIn more than 20 years, we have but to uncover an infectious anaerobic bacteria that it will not kill in a matter of minutes. Fruits and vegetables – soak in water with a handful of drops of Aerobic Oxygen to kill bacteria and prevent future contamination on the skin or suface of the fruit or vegetable. Following about three days of treatment, the bronchial infection which accompanies emphysema begins breaking up. Then the Aerobic Oxygen starts furnishing oxygen which the lungs were previously incapable of creating. This breakthrough discovery – the procedure of stabilising higher concentrations of oxygen molecules in a nontoxic kind, has revolutionised oxygen therapy about the world. Add 20 drops per gallon, or 1 bottle (2 oz) for 45-55 gallons of water for longer storage.

Killing infectious bacteria, candida albicans (Thrush), respiratory problems: By taking 20 drops 3 instances a day men and women have reported advantage in the following places: angina attacks, asthma & emphysema, bronchial infections, sinus infections, epileptic and Alzheimer’s, poor circulation, candida, headaches, low energy levels, yeast infection. Good For You Canada Corp located in Calgary, Canada is the only organization in the world that produces the Aerobic Oxygen.

Despite the fact that hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and ozone have all been referred to as ‘stabilised’ oxygen, one wants to query the notion of ‘stabilised.’ For example, if we take any of the earlier talked about chemical oxygen carriers and combine them with water, then execute a test for the amount of oxygen contained, we can observe that the oxygen content of the resolution has improved.aerobic oxygen

A woman in Canada reported that her angina attacks had disappeared right after taking AEROBIC OXYGEN” helped remove calcium deposits and cholesterol from her blood stream and her high blood pressure returned to typical. An inadequate oxygen supply will also contribute to memory loss, dizziness, loss of balance, and depression in older persons with decreased cerebral blood flow. Twenty drops of Aerobic Oxygen in a glass of water three occasions everyday reduced emphysema symptoms.

The four contemporary-day stressors – toxic anxiety, emotional anxiety, physical trauma and infections – draw upon and excessively deplete the body’s oxygen provide. Hyperbaric oxygen implies breathing 100 per cent oxygen under stress, oxygen should be inhaled and taken to cells by the blood. Now at last, with Aerobic Oxygen very good health and vitality is at your fingertips. This reduces the amount of oxygen obtainable for the major function of metabolism.…